WE have been mutton cloth suppliers FOR OVER 30 YEARS.
Our experience, reputation and price competitiveness, positions us at the top of this industry.
Mutton cloth also known as Stockinette is recognised for its absorbency, softness and strength which is very much used for general cleaning, washing, polishing, in garages, workshops, printing works, panel beaters, homes, mines, engineering workshops etc. We supply various weights per roll: 1KG , 500g , 400g , 300g , 250g and random rolls of plus / minus 10kgs.

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About Mutton Cloth

Our Genuine Mutton Cloth is proudly made and Produced right here in South Africa...
Genuine Mutton Cloth is knitted on a course gauge machine allowing yarn up to 84 Tex in thickness to pass through the needles.
Most mutton cloth yarns are recycled fibre and ours is 100% cotton content. The twist on the yarn is less than normal yarn for fabrics therefore allowing more absorbency and a softer feel.
Mutton Cloth yarn is in raw state and has not been waxed therefore the fibres on the yarn is softer and non- abrasive.
The knit on the fabric is very course and loose, allowing water to penetrate through the fibres and not flow on top of the fabric.

Mutton Cloth has the ability to stretch double its width allowing for packaging, wrapping around items such as meat, fish and used for straing cheese in the old days.
Our mutton cloth yarn is all produced within the SADEC regions supporting local content.
Our Mutton Cloth fabric is proudly made in Durban contributing to local employment and sustainability as a whole.
Mutton Cloth is by far more versatile as a General Cleaning solution for Household and Industrial use.
Genuine Mutton Cloth is a tubular knitted fabric of around 30 cms in width and is easily cut to required lengths when needed.

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